Good Friday Projects for Kids

There are a lot of brilliant kid friendly projects out there, especially on Pinterest land. While I was searching for some fun things to do for Good Friday, I found two great hands-on activities. Both are unique ways of explaining the events of Good Friday!

The first one that we found awe-inspiring is a simple “experiment” to show the littles what happened when Jesus died on the cross. You will need:

  • a glass plate
  • a shiny penny
  • some colored water (we used water tinted with a tad of soy sauce)
  • a candle
  • matches or a lighter
  • a glass cup


Place the penny on the plate and explain that the penny represents all of us. Then slowly pour the colored water over the penny until there is enough that covers the penny. Explain that the colored water represents sin and that we were all covered in it.


Next, put the candle on the plate with the water surrounding it and light the candle. Explain that the candle represents Jesus and the lit flame is his life.


After the candle has warmed the air around enough (about 5 seconds), cover the lit candle with the glass cup explaining that the glass represents the crucifixion. Doing this will cause the flame to go out and create a vacuum sucking up the water around the candle. Explain that once Jesus died, all of our sins were taken away.


The kids LOVED this one and they kept taking turns putting the glass over the candle to see the water get sucked up!

The second project we did today was a watercolor resistant painting of the cross. You will need:

  • White paper
  • White Crayons
  • Watercolor paint
  • Water
  • Paint brushes

Before the kids get started painting, take each paper and draw a cross with white crayon. Press pretty hard otherwise it doesn’t show up well after painting it.


After you are done with drawing the crosses, let the kids come to the table. I didn’t tell my kiddos what the mystery drawing was so that they had to uncover it! You should have the paper (with the crosses already drawn), paint, brushes and water set up for them.

Let them sit down and paint their paper to discover the secret message! It is a fun way to discuss Good Friday even further.

Hope you enjoy your day and if you celebrate, Happy Easter! If not, happy weekend!



DIY: Rustic Wedding Centerpieces


I have been a part of two weddings that have had a glamorous rustic theme. In both instances, there were a lot of projects that we did on our own. Today we are going to talk about three simple projects that can make any rustic wedding centerpiece uniquely amazing!

The three favorites that I have ventured to make on my own include painted mason jars, ruffled tissue paper flowers and wood block pictures.

abs2 table

1. The mason jars! They are so easy it’s silly! I picked up different types of regular ole mason jars from second-hand stores. (That way they were cheaper and unique!) I suggest washing and drying them before starting to paint!

For the pictured mason jars, it just so happened that I had left over mint colored paint from painting our bathroom, so that’s what I used. The wedding colors were mint, gold and ivory! For the gold, I bought metallic gold paint from Wal-Mart. But, for you, any paint you want will do!

After you pick out the paint, simply use painters tape to make designs. For these particular jars, I taped in sections for the half painted ones and chevron angles for the jars with mint and gold. I found that if you want the jars completely one color, it’s best to paint the inside. Otherwise the designs are easier painted on the outside of the jar! Once they are all painted and dry, add some  twine for a more country feel!

 2. The tissue paper ruffled flowers! These are extremely easy! I picked white and tan for these flowers. You can pick whatever colors match your wedding and buy them at just about any retailer! After you pick your colors, stack the tissue paper on top of each other, using about 4-6 pieces per flower. Once stacked, fold the paper back and forth using a folding fan like method. The folds will vary depending on the size flower you want. For these flowers, I folded each flap about one inch. When you are all done folding, the tissue paper should look like an accordion.

To hold the paper together, I bought some floral wire and wrapped it around the middle of the paper. After you have wrapped the paper, the rest of the wire should look like a stem. Once held together, cut each end of the folded paper  in a half circle. This should make each end look rounded.

Now you should have the folded paper (accordion style) wrapped in the wire with a stem, with both paper ends rounded. Next, simply ruffle the paper out! Do this kind of gently because the tissue paper will rip. I used these flowers inside of the mason jars behind the wood block pictures of the couple!

3. The wood block pictures! Again, these look a lot harder than they actually are to make and they are a beautiful bold statement piece of the couple! The first thing that you need to do is figure out the size you want. For these pictures, I chose 8×10.

After that is all squared away, go to Home Depot, Menards or Loews and buy some lumber. Make sure that the width and length of the wood will work with the size and quantity of the pictures you want. Now, most places will cut the wood down for you (probably for some kind of small charge after the first cut). I am fortunate to have a handyman husband and he just cut it for me!

The pictures themselves can be printed right from your laser jet printer at home! You should use regular printer paper and regular ink for this project. If you use picture paper, it will be way to stiff to work with! You can also have them printed at Office Depot on regular paper.

Now, you should have the picture printed and the wood cut to size. The next step requires Mod Podge and a paint brush. First, paint some Mod Podge onto the wood itself. Next, Place and press the picture on the wood that is covered in Mod Podge. This step should be done carefully and slowly to avoid getting air bubbles underneath. Last, paint a light coat of Mod Podge on top of the picture, let that dry and add a second coat. Voila, a wood block picture!

Add them all together and you end up with a great, rustic centerpiece that is pretty cost-effective!

abs3 table