Squirt Gun Painting

Summer seems to be here, at least weather wise! I have been trying to get my kids outdoors more and more each day. Two things that they always love to do is paint and have a water gun fight. So, why not put that together?! I took our easel outdoors, snapped some new paper into place and let the kids create squirt gun paintings.





We used water guns, water spray bottles and condiment squirt bottles. The kids LOVED it! If you want to try it, just mix together some washable, nontoxic paint (we enjoy Crayola paint, which you can purchase with this link: Crayola Washable Paint) with water using a 2 paint:1 water ratio. We played around with how much water to use and it seemed like the paint was more vibrant and easily squirtable with a 2:1 ratio! After you mix it, simply pour into your desired squirt gun and have a blast!

Word of caution, don’t do this inside. It got a little crazy and paint pretty much covered our yard, driveway, car, plants and children!

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